4 Practical Lightroom Tips for Newbies

The dynamic nature of Lightroom is both a plus and a demerit to the program. It takes time before one attains proficiency in using its useful features which are concealed in obscure menus and a myriad of keyboard shortcuts. We bring you the good news that you can from now on navigate the program with relative ease than you can imagine. Below, we help you crack this hard nut by sharing some practical Lightroom tips for newbies.

Create Import Presets

The first thing you need to learn about how to use lightroom is to create import presets. There are numerous presets that can be used to edit your photos, which can be confusing for a newbie. Unlike in Instagram and other social media sites, Lightroom’s import presets are not special filters but are pre-made manipulations from sliders and available to you during the Develop module.

Processed with VSCO with q2 preset


You can also adjust the Develop parameters to create presets and have them added on the Edit menu. This functionality can further be extended by the application of a given preset on all your pictures when you import them. This can be very useful when you have preferred to use a specific set of values when starting to edit pictures.

Using the number keys for Develop Module fine-tuning

It can be a quite a challenge for newbies to obtain their desired value when working on the Develop module manually. You can counter this by hovering the cursor over the pane’s left side and dragging it to expand the panels. Additionally, you can use the arrow keys to achieve a marginal increment in numerical values.

You can, for instance, click on the numeric values of the White Balance and use the Up and Down keys to adjust its values.

Customizing the Develop Module

It can be overwhelming to choose options in the Develop module. Worry not since there is an easy way to have this accomplished. Breath easy and right click on any part of the adjustment panels.


When you do this, there will open a menu from where you can disable the adjustments that you do not require, enabling you to work in a less cluttered dashboard. This saves you time from clicking on features which are not helpful to you. You can also use the Solo mode which automatically shrinks the previous panel to its title when using a new panel.

Create Smart Collections for automatic sorting of photos in the Library Module

Lightroom’s Library module provides an excellent organizational method for your images. You are required to create virtual folders or Collections, e.g., Reception, Speeches, Decor, etc. that will be stored in Collection Sets, for instance, Barry’s Wedding.

The Smart Collections feature is also a useful tool when it comes to dynamics on which you can organize your images based on preset conditions. You require to choose your option from the Smart Collection Library and specify the usage parameters. After you are done with this, any picture that is compliant with the set criteria during editing will be automatically transferred to the newly created folder.