Gilley's Hotel & Bulls Gap Railroad Depot Print

gillyshotelsepiaGilley's Hotel located in historic Bulls Gap, Tennessee was built circa 1920. It was known up and down the railroad as the place to stay. The hotel consists of 4 stories and has 70 + rooms.

It was a place that you could climb off a train and check in for one night or you could live there for an extended period of time. Many railroad employees stayed at the hotel on a regular basis. This hotel has had many faces over the years it housed a doctor's office, barber shop, movie theatre, and formal dining room that people all around town would come to eat their Sunday dinner.  Many of the railroad men that stayed at the hotel settled in Bulls Gap and their families are still here today.

hoteldepotIt was originally the Smith Hotel.  The original hotel was built in the mid- 1850's, when the railroad was being built into Bulls Gap.  The Smith hotel became well known for its food and accommodations all up and down the line until it was destroyed by fire in 1883.  The Smith family rebuilt the hotel, in the same location and by 1884, it was up and running again, bigger and better than ever.

In the very early 1900s, the Gilley name became forever linked to the hotel when a man named Rufus Henry Gilley acquired the property and continued to serve the growing rail industry in the bustling little town.