Best Electric Motorcycles Of 2019

Due to advanced technology people are nowadays moving away from petrol motorcycle to a more economical and environmentally friendly bike known as an electric motorcycle.

The newly launched 2019 electric vehicles have top speed just like petrol motorcycles although powered by electricity.

There is a wide variety of electric bike that differs in performance, speed, and durability, and therefore, there are some factors to consider before purchasing your bike. Read this page to know the major factors to consider to find the best electric motorcycle in 2019.



Range refers to the total distance that a bike can run before draining completely when looking for a sporting bike you should consider a bike that has a big range. The best electric bike to consider in 2019 is a bike with a range of about 160 kilometers.

Acceleration and top speed.

Acceleration and speed is another factor to consider, you should look for an electric bike that has good acceleration, and the best bike for 2019 is an electric bike that has a top speed of about 100kmph and a bike that can accelerate at a fast rate.

Battery life and warranty.

There are two main types of batteries that are used to power the electric motorcycles lead-acid batteries and Lithium Ion. The best battery to consider is the lithium-ion battery as it charges fast and also it is more reliable. However, it costs more than a lead-acid battery.

Price of an electric bike.

Electric motorcycle

When purchasing an electric bike, you should also consider the price, go for the best bike based on your budget. Look for an electric bike that you can afford.


You should also consider the purpose for which you will use your electric motorcycle. If you want a bike for racing, look for a bike with a top speed. If you want for daily commuting, then consider the battery health and durability.
When you consider the above-stated tips, you will end up with the best electric motorcycles of 2019.