Best Personal Travel Blogs

Do you love travelling but are too held up with your job/education or finances? Well, that shouldn’t hold you from experiencing the juicy things the world has to offer. This is why travel blogs exist. They not only give you a peek at the most beautiful parts of the world but also provide you with practical travel advice. Personal travel blogs offer you unlimited information on different tourist destinations, their cuisines, accommodation and much more. Do you have any, favourite personal travel blogs that you follow? If not, here is a list of the best personal travel blogs.

1. Dan Flying Solo

Daniel is a great travel blogger. He is gifted in both writing and photography which help him narrate his travel ordeals with his audience. You will be shocked to find the numerous helpful traveling tips on his blog. His photography has been featured on various platforms such as National Geographic and Travel & Leisure.

2. Drew Binsky

What started as a young man’s ambition to tour the world after college has now become a full-time job. He mainly uses Snapchat to air his travel diaries to his audience. That aside drew is also among the best writers at Huffington Post and is part of the Go Pro family.


kevin and ruthInitially from Ottawa in Ontario,  kevin and ruth,  these married folk have a keen eye for travelling. They are not the regular type of couple. The two run a personal travel blog where they explore different parts of the world. One would expect that being in their early fifties, this was going to stop their love for travelling, but that’s entirely false.

Their blog, travel with Kevin and Ruth has been online for about seven years. They keep their audience updated on their travels on a daily basis. Their style of writing is captivating and is perfect for those in between the 40 to 60 age bracket. They have extensively explored most parts of N. America and Mexico. But, they do intend on heading to Africa shortly.

4. A Nerd at Large

Who said geeks don’t love to travel? This blog is run by Steph Spencer who always wanted to travel the world since the age of three. As of today, she’s a freelance writer that documents her travel shenanigans on her blog. This blog will teach you all about the historic museums, landmarks, and fantastic scientific discoveries. In her blog, you get to both see and learn the wonders of the world.

5. The Blonde Abroad

One thing about travel blogs is that the name says a lot about the blogger. The blonde abroad is managed by Keirsten. She was once a finance officer and later quit her job to travel. She has been in this line of work for half a decade now, and she’s among the best travel bloggers. With her excellent skills in Photography, following her blog will expose you the hundreds of great things that you have been missing out on.

There you have it. The above are the five best personal travel blogs online. Make sure that you check out each of them and find out which is the best. These blogs will help you learn, explore, laugh and gain inspiration.