How To Design Instagram Stories That Captivate Your Audience

Instagram is a social media platform that has a very massive number of users. The ability to interact with celebrities is a feature that led to many people signing up for an Instagram account. There are so many other features too that have attracted people worldwide to this social media platform.

One of these features is instagram stories. This feature is currently being used by businesses to sell their brand and products.

Celebrities are also using this feature to interact with their followers worldwide. To captivate your audience and make sure they are loyal to your brand, you should use the following tips;

1. Create contests & giveaways.


Your followers would be much interested in participating in competition/contests. Post a contest on your Instagram story and promise to post and reward the winner of the contest. This keeps your audience on your wall participating and checking for the winner. After that contest, be sure your audience will still keep following up for other contests and giveaways.

2. Host a quiz or poll.

Let your audience help you in taste-making. Ask them quizzes or create polls for them to give you their opinion on a specific topic. For example, fashion is an industry that has people arguing due to different views.

Tell your audience to screenshot designs that they like and give their opinion on Direct Messaging.

3. Share Q&As.

Let your Instagram story be a platform to interact with your audience. Let them know you well by asking you questions.Normally, you can post on your Instagram story’ask me anything through direct message.’


You can then select the questions to answer through recording your answer on video. Your audience will stick on your wall waiting to see if you pick their question.

4. Share secrets with your audience.

The fact that people follow you means that they are interested in you in a certain way; maybe you are their mentor, influencer, role model, etc. This means that they look up to you.Share ideas/secrets related to fitness,beauty,dating etc.Keep them expecting ideas from you. This way, they will stay loyal to your brand.

Do not overlook your Instagram followers; they can be a very important tool for advertising and marketing your brand or tool. Therefore captivate their attention in the ways described above.