Things You Should Know Before Visiting Miami

Miami is one of the most popular and preferred destinations for vacations. This is due to its sandy beaches, warm climate, diverse culture and an easy lifestyle. While residents in most cities act like they are in a rush all the time, Miami seems to have laid back people, except when they are driving.

The city is full of great things ranging from art to architecture, which is part of the reason it gets millions of visitors every year. However, getting used to the city can be challenging especially for first time visitors.

This is because there are certain things that are done differently in Miami than other cities. You therefore have to be prepared adequately before going.


Considering that a large percentage of the population is Hispanic, it’s only fair that you learn Spanish. You don’t have to become exquisite at it, you just have to know enough to help you get around.


For instance, knowing greetings in Spanish and how to ask for some basic commodities like food can help you get around easily. You’ll be able to order food or ask for transportation easily.

Beach manners

Most people go to Miami specifically for its beaches. However, they have some beach regulations that could land you in trouble if not followed. For instance, Miami beaches are always closed from midnight to 5 am. Visiting the beach during those hours would be considered trespassing.

Some items such as glass containers, fireworks and alcohol among other things are also not allowed on the beaches. You should also avoid playing loud music or leaving your trash scattered around.


While the weather is always friendly and doesn’t require special wardrobe change, some facilities require specific dress codes. Miami residents like to dress up in the evenings.


While the beaches keep it casual, dinner restaurants like to take their dressing codes more seriously. Some clubs also have dressing codes so you have to be prepared. Carry a few fancy outfits for such occasions to avoid being the odd one out.

Street manners

While it may seem like a laid back city, Miami shows a different side on the streets. Drivers here aren’t afraid of cutting you or honking when driving. They also have a tendency of going faster compared to other cities.

You therefore have to be careful when walking along a street or when trying to cross one. When going for a walk, choose safer roads like Lincoln road that doesn’t have vehicles.


Given the number of people going to Miami yearly, the accommodation rates are very high. You have to be prepared to spend a substantial amount of money on that but you still have to make early arrangements. Most hotels are usually fully booked. Vacation rentals are another option you can explore. Ensure you make living arrangements before you land. You can also go to the visitor center as an alternative.


Making transportation arrangements is also important. If you choose to drive, do your research in parking places to avoid spending on parking fees. Such fees are higher in Miami and they also have other rules pertaining to parking that can lead to extra expenditure. Buying a Miami Go Card is also another great way of saving money. With it you’ll not have to pay for tour bus and sightseeing events