Travel Photography Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2019

Travel photography can be inspiring, motivating and exciting for both those who love to travel and those who love watching pictures. You can research about your next trip, figure about how your holiday will turn out to be or even be inspired to visit a new destination by reading travel photography blogs. Below, we look at the travel photography blogs and websites to follow in 2019:

Seattle’s Travels



Canadian wanderer Seattle is a leader in travel photography, having traversed across continents. You can search for her photos by adventure and destination. Her site also contains loads of travel advice for solo travellers.

Alex In Wanderland

Alex is an American who has devoted her time to travelling around the globe capturing captivating moments. Her website features photos cover on adventure and travel. Her crispy website is an incredulous source of information in pictures.

Ken Kaminesky

When you look at Ken’s photographs, the one thing that comes to your mind is his keen eye on nature. His website is full of hyperdetailed and luscious pictures of a variety of sights around the globe. His subjects range from people at work, nature,

Adventures Of Anna

The Legendary Adventures of Anna is a blog that has rich reflections on travel. The blog has excellent travel and dining tips for people travelling to America. It also has fantastic pictures of Iceland.

Paris In Four Months

Travel Photography Lens

Even though there are numerous blogs about travel in Paris, the Paris in Four Months blog stands out from the crowd. Carin, the editor, migrated to France in 2012 and has ever since been blogging about the streets of Paris, fashion and pâtisseries.

Kirsten Alana

Kirsten Alana makes it to our list of top travel photography websites due to its classy design. The site has eye-catching photographs and graphics on culture and nature. The shots of the skies are particularly an eye grabber to everyone who visits the site.

Stuck In Customs

Forget about the memories and thoughts stoked by the name Stuck in Customs since the site is full of photos that can only be offered by the best travel. From the Great Wall of China, the tip of the Alps to the New Zealand mountains there can never be a dull moment when you visit the site. This is the ultimate adventure guide to Asia and Europe.


Farfelue just got it right in making everything god about Paris come out for all to see. The photos from the website create a perfect look of the city. The website also features a travel guide for Paris making it a favourite for anyone who would want to visit the city of love for the first time.

Beers And Beans

Beers and beans are among the most comprehensive travel website. You will learn a lot of ideas about destinations, hints, and outdoor photography by visiting the site. They have a broad range of inspiring photographs.

Jessie on a Journey

Jessica Festa’s blog, Jessie on a journey is based on solitary adventure and offbeat trips across the globe. She always carries her Nikon D5100 camera to capture those captivating moments. You can learn a lot about places, culture, religion among other things from her collection in her blogs.