What Is Non-traditional Bride

Unlike before when brides were expected to wear the traditional white wedding dress, nowadays brides opt for different dresses that allow then to showcase their creativity. The non-traditional brides wear non-traditional wedding dresses that range in color and designs. They do away with the white ball gowns and opt for cooler dresses that range from being blue in colors to black.

Options for non-traditional brides

Non-traditional brides are women who don’t want to be conformed to traditional expectations. They are eager to stand out and be different. The dresses are chosen depending on the bride’s personality and the weddings tend to be more intriguing. If you aspire to be a non-traditional bride then you can consider any of these options for a wedding gown.


If you want a garden wedding then you can wear bubbly dresses that aren’t too tight. They tend to be freer and to go well with the garden setting. The details of the design and color depend on your personal preferences but make sure the dress is brightly colored. Those opting for vintage weddings can also choose dresses that match that theme.

Whatever theme the wedding has, non-traditional brides, can find dresses that match them. The only difference is that they will have more options than traditional brides.

Compared to their traditional counterparts, non-traditional brides get more versatility. Different aspects of the wedding can be altered which makes it easy to plan the wedding. This also gives the wedding a personal touch which turns into more satisfaction. When the bride gets the wedding that reflects her personality, she’ll feel more contented. click here for more info on tradition bride’s options.



While it’s important to include the family when planning a wedding, the bride should have the final say on the type of dress. Non-traditional options make it easier for a bride to find something unique. It doesn’t have to be one color, you can incorporate multiple colors and even floral dresses and still look stunning.