Why Is No Hunger Important

According to the Food and Agricultural Organization reports, there are over 800 million individuals who struggle to feed their families across the globe. These people face the risk of starvation. Eight hundred million people are a population more than that of Pakistan, USA and Indonesia combined. The no hunger campaign aims to fight these numbers to zero.

It is an initiative that started in Brazil, back in 2003 when the government here helped millions of households out of their poverty. The effort is also the FAO’s number one mission, and one that faces a lot of challenges to win. But why is no hunger important

1. It Helps Us Make the Difference

mother and children

Through the no hunger campaign, it is possible to see the percentage of hungry individuals decline simultaneously. FAO reports show that the rate decreased from 15% in 2002 to 11% in 2016. It seems that the initiative is playing a massive role in making significant progress.

2. Everyone has rights to food

Universal Article 25 of the Declaration of Human Rights makes it clear that every person has the lights to live in better standards for the well-being of one’s self and family. That includes access to quality food.

3. The Vision 2030

Ending hunger by 2030 is a goal in support of all authorities globally. The goal aims to ensure that each person across the globe can live a healthy life. The no hunger initiative has a huge role to play towards the realization of this goal. Check out for more info at looktothestars.org

4. It Improves Development

Thanks to a micro-credit agency, women such as the one depicted in the photograph can afford to make a decent living by raising their own livestock.

The primary threat to development is hunger and malnutrition. Hunger slows down the growth rate in most of the economies. The fact that malnutrition exposes individuals to disease threat makes the authorities to use much cash on hospitals rather than development. That results in stunted growth.

Final Verdict

The no hunger campaign is important to the world in fighting and educating communities on how to fight hunger. Thus, it helps improve economic growth. Make it your desire to be a participant in the initiative, and make a difference.